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Disney Minnie Mouse
16.9oz 24-pack


THE MAGIC OF MINNIE: Get your daily dose of Disney and fuse some fun into every sip of crisp, clean filtered water featuring the one and only magical Minnie Mouse in full vivid color.


  • 100% NATURAL FILTERED SPRING WATER: bottled at the source from one of the purest springs in the US, found in the Pocono Mountains. Our water goes through 5 levels of filtration, has no calories, added sweeteners, artificial colors or flavors

  • RECYCLABLE [PET PLASTIC/ALUMINUM] BOTTLES: Our high-quality food-grade [ECO/PET] collection is [REUSABLE] BPA-free, sustainably sourced, and designed with 100% recyclable labels and bottles 

  • BULK VALUE CASE: An affordable and convenient way to keep friends, family, and teammates refreshed and hydrated at themed birthday parties, events, games, practice, and on the go

  • THE FAMILY BEVERAGE COMPANY: WaterCo delivers the ultimate fan experience with innovative 3D packaging that captures the imagination, unites fans across the globe, and connects the whole family to their favorite teams and characters

Disney Minnie Mouse